Dr. Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik, Spominčica, Alzheimer Slovenia In Slovenia, there are no epidemiological studies that would reveal the extent of violence
The SINCALA project partnership met in Porto (Portugal) for its transnational project meeting and joint staff training event, hosted by
Although older carers, aged 65 or over, are increasing in number, their needs are often overlooked in research, policy and
What is like to be a grandchildren of a person with dementia in Italy and in Slovenia? A recent study
More and more people who work also provide unpaid care for family or friends. Working carers are the group most
As an obliged persons to provide care - informal carers are recognised by the Estonian state. Until recently, according to
COVID-19 has impacted people with dementia and their family carers, yet little is known about effects on overall quality of
Having a grandparent with dementia might have a variety of impacts on grandchildren, some positive (such as stronger family cohesion)
According to a recent study carried out in the US, the COVID-19 pandemic had a severe impact on prevalence of
An hybrid transnational partners meeting took place in Thessaloniki (Greece) on February the 2nd and the 3rd 2022. During the meeting partners