Tell Me About You’ Report will outline the experiences and needs of families with caring role in six countries – Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia. It will explore with informal carers in the different countries the impact of caring on them, family relations; coping strategies and unmet needs. The findings from the research report will inform the development of the narrative based workshops and the MOOC (Massive Open On- line Course).

Tested pedagogical method based on narration, adapted to different EU-country contexts, targeted on households who are caring for older dependent family members to increase their family-resilience (their capacity to withstand and rebound from disruptive life challenges);

A guide for facilitators which will guide the narration-based workshops to help them identify and address issues that emerge among families, such as cases of caregiver burnout, elder abuse or other forms of domestic violence.

A MOOC to transfer the results achieved and the lessons learned to a wider audience of professionals.

A web platform offering opportunities for self-directed learning to informal carers