SINCALA Multiplier Event in Heraklion (Greece)

The SINCALA Multiplier event was held on 27/4/2023. 61 individuals were gathered. Some of them were social scientists, psychologists, counselors, social workers, doctors, nurses, (in) formal carers, and the general public.  The Multiplier event lasted roughly 4 hours. During the event, the “data from the field” regarding the SINCALA project were presented.

Additionally, some of the speakers due to their professional background referred to the impact of Alzheimer’s disease on the patients but also n their relatives, family, and inner circle relationships and the correlation with elders’ abuse. Moreover, other speakers, coming from the social science field referred to the burnout of informal carers due to carrying the burden of taking care of their elder family members and relatives. Furthermore, speakers coming from public authorities referred to a regional program under development that is focused on district nursing service provision to elderly individuals that cannot be fully independent. 

To conclude, the feedback gathered through the evaluation forms as well as the questions expressed during the event were overall very positive and “food for thought” for developing new approaches and ideas on elders’ protection, as well as examining deeper the correlation between elders’ diseases, abuse, and informal care.

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