National dissemination event in Estonia

National dissemination event in Estonia was held on 28th of April 2023, in Tartu with 12 participants representing social services, NGOs, residential care, counseling services and National Agency Harno. The event was facilitated by Hiie Taal, and started with general introduction of the Sincala project and the main outputs. The concept and prevalence of informal caring was explained thoroughly, with an emphasis on problems and challenges informal carers face. To better illustrate the content video lessons from IO3 and IO4 were partially presented.
Second half of the event was dedicated to how to support informal carers. Sincala IO1 “Listen to My Story” workshops were explained in detail and the participants had a chance to express their own feelings based on Doris Lessing’s “Hea naabri päevik” stimuli.
At the end of the event, all participants were asked to fill in a feedback form. Overall assessment was positive. All participants agreed that Sincala materials are most helpful in informal caregiving settings and that the intervention can have an impact on the relationship between the carer and care recipient. Also, all participants would suggest the materials to other professionals.
Though the turnout of participants in person was low, after the event, Hiie Taal was invited to a health podcast (Tervisetasku) to talk more about informal caregiving and the Sincala intervention. The podcast “Omastehooldus – valik või paratamatus” and a follow-up podcast “Mis on lähisuhtevägivald?” about violence in informal caregiving settings and violence against older people in general are publicly available.

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