SINCALA final event in Thessaloniki (Greece)

Alzheimer Hellas organized the event on the 26th of April 2023 in Thessaloniki.
The event, attended by 25 participants, included the following agenda:

  • Magda Tsolaki, MD, PhD, President of the GFADRD, firstly made a quick introduction to the project and highlighted its importance.
  • Mahi Kozori, psychologist, presented the project in detail, covering its rationale, main goals, Intellectual Outputs and Project Results. She highlighted the achieved Results and their usefulness in professionals’ daily practice.

Participants had the chance to navigate through the website and get familiar with the educational platforms.
Organisers and participants had a very interesting discussion about the possibility of using SINCALA results in their daily practice and the importance of approaches involving carers also in their development and not only their implementation.