The resources developed over the next three years will include:

‘Tell Me About You’ Report will outline the experiences and needs of families with caring role in six countries – Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Slovenia. It will explore with informal carers in the different countries the impact of caring on them, family relations; coping strategies and unmet needs. The findings from the research report will inform the development of the narrative based workshops and the MOOC (Massive Open On- line Course).

‘Listen to my story’ is a programme of narrative based workshops for informal carers. This programme of workshops based on narration, expressive and spontaneous expressive techniques will support informal carers providing care to an older person, to be part of empathetic community, where they can acknowledge and express how they feel and make meaning of their situation. A series of workshops will be developed specific to spouses, adult children and grandchildren and adapted to the culture/language and context of each country.

S.IN.CA.L.A E-Learning Course will be an open online course for educators and professionals working with informal carers with the aim of providing them with the skills and knowledge to deliver the ‘Listen to my story’ programme of workshops. To create the E-Learning course, the learning from the research report and the piloting of the narrative based workshops will be collated into a Methodological Guide, from which the MOOC will be developed.